About Me

Irina Bukatik

Hey! I’m Irina Bukatik, a travel and food blogger, waiting to take you on an exquisite journey around the world with me, where you’ll be able to uncover different cultures and exotic places around the world along with food and delicious cuisines.

If you’re wondering how I got started with my blogging career, here’s the 411, exclusively for you! Being an avid food and coffee lover, I wanted to combine my love for traveling, writing, and food all into one, and what better way to do all that other than blogging?

My desire for new experiences has taken me to beautiful places around the world, places I hope to share with you through my blogs and photography.

I’ve traveled the world, seeking out nothing but the most mouthwatering dishes, learning about different cultures and traditions around the world. My passion for blogging has opened an entirely new world of possibilities for me.

Through my blogs, I want you to tag along with me while I journey around the world, tasting mouthwatering foods and giving you my honest reviews and insights about it all.

Get in touch with me via Instagram or sign up for more updates with your email and follow me around as I travel high and low, clicking pictures of all the food I enjoy.

Feel free to ask me anything you want and I’d be more than happy to answer.

Follow me on all my social media accounts and stay up to date with everything that goes on behind the scenes… can’t wait to see you there!


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