We read hundreds, if not thousands, of books, in our lifetime. However, only a few books leave an imprint on our hearts and minds that stays there forever and often changes our outlook on life and how we connect with the universe. When I started reading The Alchemist, I didn’t expect it to influence my thoughts the way it did. While I always encourage my readers to read the book and see for themselves, the main storyline of The Alchemist revolves around a shepherd Andalusian boy who begins chasing his dreams of traveling the world and meets the Alchemist during his journey.

It’s safe to say that by the end of the book, I felt like a new person with a better understanding of life and all the different ways to navigate it. Here are three life-changing lessons I learned from The Alchemist.

Simpler Things Matter the Most in Life

We often look for something extraordinary to happen in life to start making the most out of it. However, the key to making every moment count is looking at the simpler things and how extraordinary they are in our lifetime. From making someone smile to a sip of warm tea every morning, the smallest moments make up our entire life, and hence, matter the most.

This book taught me to be grateful for my life and cherish each moment I live with my loved ones.

Fear of Failure Can Cost You Big Time

Another thing that I learned from Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist is that the only thing getting in our way of reaching greater heights is our fear of failure. I realized how true it was when I thought about all the times I let my self-doubt stop me from getting the things I always wanted.

With self-confidence and awareness of our capabilities, we can do anything we put our minds to without letting the fear of failure win.

You Won’t Succeed Until You Keep Trying

Lastly, this book gave me the push I needed to keep moving forward. Success isn’t necessarily promised before we sign up for anything. However, quitting isn’t an option either. Therefore, it’s always best if you fall seven times and manage to get back up eight times more and get where you want with no excuses whatsoever.

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