You’ll often hear people talk about breakfast being the most important meal of the day. Likewise, there’s also the adage, eat breakfast like a king. Well, few things proclaim royalty, like having a deliciously baked breakfast pastry. Few things in life give you joy, like starting your day with a fluffy, buttery-baked pastry. Ideally, you’ll want a nicely brewed cup of coffee or tea to wash it down.

The experience of biting into a luscious pastry is beloved that it extends to all corners of the globe. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Latin America or Asia; you’ll likely find their iteration of a breakfast pastry at your dining table. We’ll explore some of the best breakfast pastries you’ll find worldwide in this blog post.

The Best Breakfast Pastries from Around the World

Here are some of the best breakfast pastries from around the world. They include:

Pan Dulce

Pan Dulce is a sweetbread that you’ll find in any Mexican bakery. Although pan dulces are breakfast pastries, you’ll also see people snacking on them during all hours of the day. They also come in various forms. For instance, the concha is a sweet bread roll with a shell-shaped sugar crust. Likewise, Besos are dense pieces of bread featuring jams and marmalades.

Pain au Chocolat

The pain au chocolat is a French pastry that has become popular globally. Pain au chocolat resembles a croissant. Its dough is laminated with flaky, buttery layers. However, the pain au chocolat separates itself from a croissant by having a chocolate filling in the center. Typically, bakers will place dark chocolate in the middle of the dough. As they bake the pastry in the oven, the dark chocolate melts. The result is a divine breakfast pastry that you can’t resist. It’s crucial to note that making pain au chocolat is an art. It can take as many as 80 layers to bake the perfect laminated dough that gives you a buttery texture. 


If you’re looking for authentic pastelitos, you’ll have to go to Cuba. These puff pastries come in both savory and sweet forms. Their most common iteration features a mix of guava and cream cheese. Likewise, savory pastelitos with minced meat are also very popular. Typically, the sweeter variants have a rectangular shape, whereas the savory versions are similar to empanadas.


You’ve likely had a waffle in your life. Even if you haven’t, you’re certainly aware of it. The Dutch stroopwafel is something similar. The name itself means syrup waffle. The stroopwafel usually features a pressed dough with caramel. They usually contain sugar and butter. The impressive thing about stroopwafels is that they don’t use two separate waffles. Instead, it’s a single thin waffle that has been folded in half.


Scones are a popular baked delicacy in Britain. You’ll find the British enjoying their scones with a hot cup of tea. It’s also not uncommon to see people eat them with breakfast or during high tea. Typically, most versions of scones are sweet. These feature chocolate chips or dried fruits. However, in some parts of Britain, you’ll come across savory scones too. The savory variations feature elements like cheese, rosemary, or chives.  

Scones with jam


The Italian cornetto resembles a croissant. However, its texture is similar to a cake instead of a croissant. The cornetto uses less butter in its recipe. Therefore, you’ll find that this baked pastry has less lamination than its French counterpart. Most Italian eateries will sell cornetto with jam, custards, or Nutella

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