Whenever I visit a new place on my globe-trotting adventures, I always prefer sampling local cuisine from the street food available. After all, the unique flavors, delectable aromas, and distinctive texture of each dish perfectly showcase the culture, history, and traditions of a place.

It’s why I believe that street food offers a sensory experience like no other. From their fragrant spices to fresh ingredients, trying them out feels like a new experience. Whether it’s the spice of a locally grown chilli pepper or the sweetness of a ripe fruit, every bite takes you on a journey. You’ll feel as if you’re experiencing the vibrant culture first-hand.

When it comes to best culinary destination in the world, the diversity is vast and endlessly fascinating. Each region has its own signature flavors, and sampling them is one of the best parts of traveling.

If you’re a foodie interested in traveling the world one plate at a time, this blog is just what you need to read.

My name is Irina Bukatik and I’m here to share with you the delectable dishes I’ve devoured on my travels. We’ll explore the taste and aromas of different street food and learn the history behind each dish. So, get ready to embark on this culinary adventure with me.

a dish of Turkish şiş kebap served with rice, charred vegetables, and a dip

Try Some Delectable Kebaps in Turkey

As a traveler, there’s nothing that comes close to the thrill of discovering delicious cuisine through street food. During my adventures, I’ve come across several unique flavors. However, I think Turkey has some of the most delicious and diverse street food. They don’t just pack a lot of flavor; in fact, most of the dishes are culturally significant and tell a story of bygone times. That’s because the recipes are passed down from generation to generation.

Out of all the street food offered, kebaps happen to be my favorite. The dish typically consists of grilled meat (lamb or beef) that is skewered over an open flame. This method allows the meat to cook slowly and evenly, resulting in a tender and juicy dish.

You’ll find various kinds of kebaps in Turkey, but I recommend you try Adana and Urfa kebap, Iskendar kebap, şiş kebap, and çöp şiş kebap. The first two dishes are made from ground beef or lamb kneaded with onion, garlic, and other spices before they are skewered. The main difference between the two dishes is that Adana kebaps use more spices than Urfa kebaps, which use milder ones like paprika, cumin, etc. However, that doesn’t mean it’s less flavorful; it packs just as much without the burst of spices.

a skyline shot of Istanbul, Turkey with a view of the Çamlıca Mosque from the Bosphorus strait

On the other hand, Iskendar kebaps are made from sliced pieces of döner kebap topped with melted butter, yogurt, and a spicy tomato sauce. Not only are these kebaps packed with flavor, but they are also hearty and filling.

Çöp şiş and şiş kebap are the most common varieties out of all of them. They are made from lamb or beef skewered and served with vegetables like tomatoes, bell peppers, pickles, mushrooms, etc.

The history of kebab originates from the various cuisines of the Middle East. In the 10th century Baghdadi cookbook by Ibn Sayyar al-Warraq, there are descriptions of kebab as ‘meat grilled over a fire.’ When it comes to Turkish history, the word kebap appears in Turkish texts from as early as the 14th century in Kyssa-i Yusuf from 1377. Today, the dish is sold on almost every street corner in Turkey, with different regions boasting of their own specific versions of it. This flavorful food enjoys its position as an integral part of Turkish culture, history, and traditions.

a plate of Berlin currywurst topped with curry powder and served with a thing of French fries

Sample Delicious Currywurst in Germany

Another scrumptious street food around the world that I recommend you try is the German dish Currywurst. This iconic food has been an integral part of German cuisine since the middle of the 20th century. Today, it’s a staple across the country and sold on every corner— especially in Berlin.

The dish consists of grilled pork sausage, also known as German sausage, or wurst, sliced into bite-sized pieces. They are covered with a special curry ketchup sauce and topped with curry powder before being served with a bread roll or French fries. You’ll find that currywurst is a filling and satisfying meal you can get on the go while you’re wandering through the streets of Berlin.

However, the origins of the dish can be traced to the German capital in the late ‘40s. History attributes the creation of this dish to a resourceful German housewife called Herta Heuwer. In 1949, she obtained ketchup (or presumably Worcestershire sauce) and curry powder from British soldiers after trading some spirits.

a picture of Berlin at night with a view of the Berlin tower

She then mixed it with other spices and added it to sliced wurst before sprinkling curry powder on top. This made a unique and flavorful dish that skyrocketed in popularity in no time.

In fact, what makes currywurst stand out from other sausage dishes is its unique and distinctive flavor. The curry ketchup is both sweet and spicy, with just the perfect amount of tanginess to complement the savory flavor of the sausage. It’s a quintessential German snack that any traveler must have to truly experience the country’s culinary delights. So, whenever you’re in Berlin or Munich, stop at a currywurst stand and give this dish a try.

Mexican tacos filled with meat, onions, and cilantro and served with vegetables

Have Some Tacos in Mexico

When it comes to the best street foods and culinary destination in the world, tacos should be one of the top items on your list. They are perhaps the most popular street food in the country, and for good reason too! This handy snack is incredibly delectable with vibrant flavors, making it one of the signature dishes of Mexico.

The dish consists of a wheat or soft corn tortilla filled with a wide range of ingredients. Typically, these ingredients are seasoned meat, beans, cheese, and fresh vegetables. The best part about this dish is that it can be customized according to your palate, with a variety of flavor combos to try. So, whether you want a safe choice like the classic carne asada taco, or you want to go a more adventurous route with an al pastor taco, you have no shortage of choices.

Historically, the origins of the tacos are fairly unknown. According to many, there is anthropological evidence that indigenous people from the Valley of Mexico ate tacos filled with fish. That being said, most historians attribute the creation of the dish to the Mexican silver miners in the 18th century. However, the first mention of the word “taco” was found in the 1981 novel titled Los bandidos de Río Frío, written by Manuel Payno.

Today, you can eat tacos with various vibrant and diverse flavors across the country, From the spicy and smoky Oaxacan flavors to the citrusy Yucatecan taste, each region has its own culinary take on the taco. So, when you’re in Mexico, don’t forget to sample some from a street vendor or a busy taqueria to experience a flavor you’ll crave more of.

a picture of an empty street in Morelia, Mexico against the backdrop of a blue sky

Do you want to learn more about extraordinary and flavorful street food around the world? Or are you interested in learning more about world cuisines and travel? Then follow me on my adventures!

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That’s why I am passionate about not just discovering different tastes, but to bring those along who wish to travel the world one plate at a time. I like sharing my stories from my adventures and all the sights, sounds, and flavors I have experienced.

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