Food is the heart and soul of the France experience. Fresh seasonal produce, local artisans, and gourmet shops wait to welcome visitors from all over the world. From hosting some of the biggest food festivals to highly coveted street foods, France is the place to take your food travel experiences to the next level.

France has been one of the most sought-after food destinations for a long time, with its age-old secrets, traditional techniques, and high standards of home-cooked meals. In this post, I – Irina Bukatik – will share my top culinary experiences in France.  


No country has mastered the art of cheese better than France. Plus, there is no fancier place than France to indulge in a little guilty pleasure. French cheese is so exclusive that the French government regulates its production and quality.

You can find several shops in Paris and other small towns in France specializing in cheese, and you can even buy fresh cheese at local markets. So the next time you visit France, grab a few cheese wedges and a crispy baguette and head down to enjoy a French-style picnic.


One of the most popular dishes in France, you can’t miss out on these paper-thin pancakes stuffed with savory and sweet fillings when you visit France. You can eat them as breakfast with savory fillings or as a dessert with sweet fillings.

Originally, Crêpes come from the Brittany region of France. They are served with cider in the traditional style, but you can now find them around the country.

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Burgundy Wine

Burgundy is known as France’s most prominent wine-producing region. It produces white and red wine, mainly from Chardonnay grapes and Pinot Noir. There are many wineries you can tour and visit throughout the country.

Pastries and Desserts

Finally, you can find a dizzying collection of pastries and desserts in France. From Crème Brûlée and éclairs to profiteroles, fruit tarts, madeleines, macaroons, and Tarte Tatin, you find a variety of premium desserts and sweet delicacies in France.

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