Exploring a new destination is fun if you truly want to experience the region’s culture, you need to experience their food. Some places are considered food destinations which is usually the main attraction for many tourists.

There are many amazing food destinations around the world, but we believe that some are far above the rest of them. Bordeaux in France, Tokyo in Japan and San Sebastian in Spain have some of the best foods to enjoy along with wines and sake. So, if you’re a foodie like me and are planning a vacation then check out these amazing food destinations.

Tokyo, Japan

The first place on our list is the capital of Japan; Tokyo. If you love sushi, Tokyo is the place to be. But that’s not the only reason to visit the beautiful city. You can visit fun izakaya; Japanese bars that serve snacks and alcohol. You can even visit the Tsukiji outer market, which was established more than eighty years ago and is the perfect place to get fresh produce, including some of the best seafood in the world.

There are more foods you can enjoy in Tokyo such as traditional ramen, okonomiyaki, and gyoza. That’s just eatables though—when it comes to drinks, then you can’t go wrong with Sake, Japanese alcohol made from fermented rice, and a huge part of the Japanese cuisine. Other than alcohol, if you’re in Tokyo, you can even try out the tea ceremony where you learn about the etiquettes of drinking tea.

Bordeaux, France

 A glass filled with Bordeaux wine.

The next place on our list of food destinations around the world is the wine capital of the world, Bordeaux. Paris is definitely one of the places to be when you visit France, but Bordeaux isn’t far behind. You can enjoy the most amazing scenery with a glass of wine in hand.

If you’re a fan of wine then you’ll absolutely love Bordeaux. Combine that wine with some cheese fondue, foie gras, black truffles, or duck confit, and you’ll be left speechless. Besides its famous vineyards, Bordeaux is home to some of the oldest and most amazing bars that serve French food. On top of all that, they’ve even opened a new wine museum that’s also worth visiting.

London, England

A city that’s usually underrated in terms of its food due to its rich history is London. It is one of the best food destinations around the world due to its great diversity of cuisines. It’s home to some of the best foods and experiences from around the world. With a wide array of street food options, Michelin star restaurants, and pubs, London is one of the food capitals.

Walking around the streets of Soho, you’ll find a wide variety of food choices from restaurants, pubs, wine bars, and even some dessert options like waffle and ice cream carts. That not all, if you’re looking to try and cook an authentic British dinner, you can visit two of the biggest food markets, Borough and Camden market. These are packed with food enthusiasts like me.

Tuscany, Italy

A plate of pesto pasta.

Sticking to the European theme, you can’t forget Italy when you talk about food destinations, Tuscany to be precise. The country is home to two of the best dishes in the world, pasta, and pizza. Visiting the city should be on your bucket list as you can enjoy the original tomato sauce, Tuscany wine, and some delicious briny olives.

Tuscany is also home to some of the best cooking schools that teach all the secrets of authentic Italian cuisine. Furthermore, you can also enjoy a variety of wine tasting tours as Tuscany has numerous vineyards.

New York City, New York, USA

Let’s move to the United States of America, home to a wide range of cuisines that change with every state. However, one major food center is New York City. Just like London, it’s also considered one of the food capitals of the world due to its diverse cuisine and food options.

You’ll find Michelin-star restaurants alongside street vendors. The one thing that makes New York one of the best food destinations in the world is that it has some of the most talented and famous chefs. Plus, all of them have their own restaurants, so if you’re looking to have a fine-dining experience then visit their restaurant and enjoy the meal by the chefs themselves.

If you want some budget-friendly options, you should definitely try the infamous New York-style one-dollar pizza. There are even hot-dog and bagel stands that you can enjoy while watching some amazing street performances.

Mexico City, Mexico

 A traditional Mexican taco.

Another great place to enjoy food is in Mexico City. It’s by far one of the best places to visit if you love snacking Mexican foods such as tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and guacamole. You can stay in the city for weeks without running out of food options to try.

We recommend you start from the top, so try a fine dining restaurant like Pujol. The restaurant is more than two decades old and founded by Enrique Olvera, the head chef. The chef is considered one of the top chefs around the world and even has a branch in New York City.

In Mexico City, you’ll get to try some of the finest Mexican tequila with some of the best food you’ll have. You can also try taking a class at the local cooking schools to learn to make the perfect tortillas or learn to wrap burritos expertly.

Find More Food Destinations Around the World with Irina Bukatik

These are some of the many Top Food Destination in the World you can visit if you’re planning a vacation. If you’re looking to find out about some other underrated and amazing spots to visit, then follow the food enthusiast and travel lover, Irina Bukatik. She has endless experiences to talk about and if you’d like to share experiences about your food destinations, contact her.

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