When I first started traveling to new countries like Spain and Japan, I was always concerned about what to eat. In fact, I would spend hours looking through local food travel blogging websites to understand what I would enjoy as a foodie in such new places, that too on a budget.

Fortunately, I was able to use some of the tips I found online and had some of the most delicious meals while traveling abroad. Today, I find myself planning trips based on the kinds of food I want to try next.

If you’re a food lover like me planning a trip to some of the best culinary destinations around the world, use this guide to get started.

Create a Food Itinerary

Yes, it’s a thing. Much like any adventure itinerary, food lovers can now create a food itinerary too. This is essentially a part of the research process when looking up flights, hotels, and restaurant menus to make your travels around the world as fun as possible.

This itinerary should include all the food items you want to try for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Furthermore, it’s good to mention all your reservations beforehand if you rely on your travel advisor to help you with your culinary travels. Whether you need vegan dishes or gluten-free items, make sure your itinerary highlights these aspects.

Eat Local As Much As Possible

There’s no point in making it to some of the most attractive culinary destinations around the world if you’re still ordering burgers and fries from your hotel room. The ultimate goal of your travels should be to experience the new culture as much as possible.

This means it’s always better to eat locally. When I was traveling to Europe, I made sure to check out multiple foodie destinations in Spain for all my meals, and it was undoubtedly one of my best travel experiences around the world.

Use Instagram to Find and Explore New Restaurants

Lastly, sometimes the Internet isn’t as helpful as you’d like it to be when you’re looking for memorable experiences as a foodie traveler. Thanks to Instagram, you can always explore new restaurants, food festivals, and food trucks nearby to try new cuisines whenever you’re out and about.

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