The daily grind—clock in, out, repeat—of our day jobs can lead to burnout in the most committed creatures of habit. We could all use a break sometimes, perhaps even a food-fueled vacation. Click here to know what that might entail.

Need a good reason to travel on your days off? Check out the mental health benefits of traveling.

Traveling Helps with Depression

Depression affects approximately 3.8% of the world’s population; this minority may account for those with major depressive disorder, but we’re all too familiar with its lesser counterpart. The older we get, the more we’re likely to feel depressed. The condition is caused by stress, which explains the age correlation.

Lucky for you, a recent study found that 10 extra paid leaves decreased the risk of depression in 3,380 working men and women in their mid-40s to early 50s by 29%. So, go ahead and collect those travel experiences around the world when you feel the signs of depression looming.

Traveling Beats Monotony

Clocking in and punching out at the same time daily without taking a single day off can make you feel like your soul is slowly departing your body. The monotony of the process can take it out of you and make your day’s work seem like an uphill battle.

Traveling on paid leave provides a much-needed reprieve from the habit. It allows you to meet new people, try their food, explore other cultures, and increase empathy toward other experiences and lifestyles. Traveling can also benefit your mental health by teaching you gratitude, an instant reliever for all your frustrations.

Two Friends Touring a Foreign Marketplace

Traveling Boosts Relationships

Traveling could be the boost your relationship needs. People who travel together communicate better, are more satisfied in their relationship, and stay with each other longer because traveling teaches them to be more cohesive and flexible. 

No wonder women who travel more than twice a year report higher marital satisfaction than women who travel every couple of years.

Traveling Can be Tasty

Traveling can be tasty, but only when you venture out of your comfort and into the comfort zone of the locals. I’m talking regional food, not your nearest McDonald’s. The fast-food chain might change menus from country to country, but it hardly represents a place’s culture, people, and values.

Take a page from my blog; let your wanderlust take you places you’ve never been. Let me, your favorite gastronome and lover of all things caffeine, take you on a journey to the top culinary destinations of France or the finest foodie destinations in Spain.

Get in touch to share your incredible travel experiences.

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